|| About Museum ||

The International Dolls Museum is first of its kind in India and museologically showcases precious and invaluable collection of heritage dolls of about 32 different countries comprising exotic and indigenous dolls with historical, socio-cultural, geographical, artistic, fashion design and costume features. The museum attained its international status after the ambitious museum upgradation project which was launched by H.E. and Administrator, Union Territory, Chandigarh. The museum has high footfall including dignitaries; foreign and domestic tourists; scholars and young and old alike and is hence well received by the society.

Dolls are known in all cultures and are one of the oldest and most widespread forms of toys. They are basically cone shaped miniature human figures and are made up of clay, wood, plaster, stone, bone, cloth or different natural materials. In prehistoric societies, dolls made in a human likeness had a magic or religious significance and were doubtlessly used as favourite play toy by the children, besides huge educational and social value. These dolls which have been received as gifts from doll lovers and others from across the world are truly reflective of the rich culture and tradition of Indian and foreign states.