|| Corbusier and His Team ||

On this level is displayed material pertaining to the arrival of Corbusier and his teamcomprising of Pierre Jeanneret, Jane Drew and Maxwell Fry. Corbusier, who had already established himself as a great urban theorist and had a definite idea of his own regarding the Master Plan of Chandigarh set forth a clearcut agenda of concepts.

The detailed philosophy and contents of each component is explained through studies, sketches and drawings prepared by Corbusier personally as well as by his team of foreign and Indian architects. The section also houses the various projects done by Maxwell fry, Jane B. Drew and Pierre Jeanneret.

Also seen here are pieces of furniture designed by Jeanneret who created a totally new vocabulary using the materials, methods and workmanship available in Chandigarh. His furntire is now world famous for its aesthetics, cost effectiveness and climatic comfort derived from using humble materials to create functional and comfortable pieces.