|| Chandigarh Now ||

The city’s evolution through its second phase and the beginnings of the third phase are highlighted. Of special interest are the various housing schemes done by the Chandigarh Housing Board-signifying a major change in the city’s skyline from bungalow type houses to clusters of multi-storey apartments.

Also the commercial centres and major public buildings built later, are displayed. The Sub-City Centre, Sector 34 has been designed conceptually on the same lines as the City Centre (i.e. sector-17) anda study of the layout plan of the city centre, Sector-17 by are displayed.

The mushrooming growth of slums, informal sector, gross violations of the Periphery Control Act of 1952, and a manifold increase in vehicular traffic pose serious challenges for the future well being of Chandigarh. This section attempts to highlight all these problems through the display items.